How do I set up my mattress?
Your Mattress to My Door mattress will be delivered to you rolled and compressed.  Once you move it into the room of choice, unbox the mattress and remove the outer plastic wrap. (Use scissors carefully.)  Your mattress will expand before your very eyes! In about one hour, it will decompress by 95%.  Over the next 24 hours, your mattress will be at fully expanded.

What if I’m not happy with my mattress?

We are 101% committed to your comfort. We recommend that you try sleeping on your mattress for at least 30 nights so that you can fully appreciate the benefits of the mattress. If you don’t like it after that time, we’ll let you exchange or return it. 

What’s the delivery process?
We send your Mattress to My Door mattress to you via UPS Ground from our facilities in Southern California at no cost to you. It usually takes us a day or two to craft your mattress and ship it. Your mattress is compressed so it can fit in a box that’s easily deliverable. The exact shipping time depends on where you live, but you can expect to receive it in a few days. Delays can occur around the holidays. 
Send us an email or give us a call for a better estimate of delivery to your specific location.

What is the sleep '101 Night Trial'
We believe that you have to spend more than a few minutes on a mattress to know if it's right for you. That's why we offer the “101 Night Trial”. If after 101 nights you don't like it, we will help you return it with no questions asked, but feedback is always appreciated. For returns, we actually work with you to donate the mattress to a local charity or non-profit. Email us a copy of the donation receipt, and we refund you in full. Please note that the “101 Night Trial” applies to orders purchased directly through the Mattress to My Door website. Any orders placed through Amazon will only have a 30 night sleep trial and must be returned through Amazon (following Amazon's policies for return).

What type of bed frame should I used with the Mattress
Mattress to My Door mattresses are designed to be compatible with most options such as a slatted frame (make sure the slats are no more than 4 inches apart!), platform frame, box spring, hardwood floor or synthetic carpeted floor. What you choose to use is entirely up to you.


Does the the Mattress to my Door Mattress work on an adjustable bed frame?
Our mattress works great with most adjustable bed frames. The foam that we use in the mattress is very flexible and can easily bend to incline or recline as needed without causing damage to the mattress or voiding the warranty. When choosing a bed frame of any kind, the biggest concern is proper support for the mattress. Most adjustable bed frames offer a solid platform foundation, which will work with our mattress. Otherwise, a slatted bed frame, with slats no more than 4 inches apart, will also offer support for the bed.

Is the return process different if I ordered through Amazon?
On orders placed through Amazon, all returns and customer support questions should go through Amazon's support. Please note that the “101 Night Trial” is only valid for orders purchased directly from the website. The sleep trial for orders purchased through Amazon is 30 nights. Follow these few steps to begin your Amazon return:

  1. Go to the Amazon return page at
  1. Find your item in the list
  2. Click "Return or Replace Item"
  3. Amazon will help schedule a removal or arrange return shipping
If your mattress was purchased directly from MattressToMyDoor, then we will handle all aspects of your order. You can reach out to us by email, or phone 1-888-886-6863 for help with returning or claiming the warranty.

    What kind of mattress is a Mattress to My Door mattress? 
    The Mattress to My Door mattress is a high-quality, high-performance foam mattress made in the USA. Our foam, called MTMD Next™ Foam, is completely unique to our brand because we actually invented it. It's neither memory foam nor latex, but better. Our MTMD Next™ Foam combines pressure relief, support, and breathability, which no other kind of foam offers. Designed to be a single firmness, we are continuously tweaking the specifications to be universally comfortable for everyone. Our foam supports the natural posture of your spine, relieving back, shoulder, and neck problems and naturally breathes so you don't sleep hot.

    Can you expedite shipping?
    We ship our Mattress to My Door mattress via UPS Ground so we're unable to expedite the shipping or offer expedited shipping options.

    What is the price of your mattress?
    We sell one model of mattress in the traditional sizes, and prices vary by size.

    What does shipping cost?
    All mattresses in the contiguous 48 states ship for free.  Orders to Alaska and Hawaii will have an additional shipping fee of $110-190.  The fee is determind on mattress size and your location.
    In the case of a return order from Alaska and Hawaii the shipping fee will not be refunded.

    What kind of sheets will fit my Mattress to My Door mattress?
    The Mattress to My Door Bliss Mattress is a standard size 10” thick mattress.  Standard bed sheets will fit the Mattress to My Door mattress. We have found that when the fitted sheet has very strong elastic sewn all the way around, they fit nicely.

    How can I update my order?
    Simply reach out to us and let us know what changes are needed. We'll help you along! Email us or call us 1-888-886-6863

    What is the Recycling fee?
    This is a government initiative to keep old mattresses from the land fill. In certain states we are obligated to collect a mattress recycling fee.  Those states are California, Connecticut and Rhode Island.   This fee is used to pay for the cost associated with operating the recycling program.  For orders placed in those states an additional fee will be added to your order.

    Do you offer Financing?
    As a small company, we're unable to provide financing options at this time. We currently accept payment via Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

     What size box will my mattress arrive in? 

    How does the 10 year mattress protection plan work?
    What's covered?