Bliss Foam Pillow

Italian excellence and the natural power of coconut come together to bring you the Bliss foam pillow. What is Next Foam? It is a coconut-based foam that has a unique and proprietary open-cell structure. This means that air will flow through the foam while maintaining its resiliency and bounce. The foam is also temperature–neutral: unlike traditional memory foam, our foam stays consistently resilient in hot or cold temperatures. Traditional memory foam gets mushy in the summer and hard as a rock in the winter.

Why is that important?

The pressure and temperature-neutral characteristics allow your head to float on the surface without tossing and turning. This foam is also 200% more breathable than any other memory foam. The amazing open-cell structure reduces heat buildup and allows 200% more air circulation than any other memory foam. The results are in the science, impeccable design and quality craftsmanship. Conventional foam pillows don’t compare to our pillow. You will fall asleep to the calming, refreshing scent of coconut. You will sleep more soundly, comfortably and wake up more rejuvenated than ever before.

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